The Asian Young Researchers Conference on Computational and Omics Biology (AYRCOB) is a conference series for young researchers and students who are conducting their research in the fields of Computational, Omics and Systems Biology in Asia. The chief objectives of AYRCOB are to promote international exchange among young researchers in Asia and to deliver lectures given by leading researchers.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of AYRCOB is that the conference itself is organized by young students and Ph.D.’s. Furthermore, organizing the conference with colleagues from around the world is one objective of AYRCOB. We aim to provide enduring friendships and experiences with respect to the organizing members. From the outstanding performance of young students and Ph.D.’s, the Dean Prize of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences by the University of Tokyo has been awarded to the committee in 2009 and 2011 respectively.

Participation in

At AYRCOB, young researchers are given the opportunity to present their research in the forms of oral and/or poster presentations to their peers and invited professors from neighboring countries. Reflecting on the rapid growth of the conference each year, selections for the oral presentations have become very competitive, in which  the acceptance rate was 20% for the latest conference.

Invited Speakers

During each conference, ten distinguished professors are invited annually in each conference.  Not only do they give lectures on the most recent and exciting research topics, they also supply as ideal role models as upcoming and leading researchers. Lastly, both formal and casual exchanges among the young participants are also offered, providing valuable networking opportunities between fellow Asian nations. In consideration, AYRCOB is truly a unique and outstanding conference for motivated young researchers and students in Asia.


Among the various sponsors that have supported AYRCOB, the 21st COE Program Elucidation of Language Structure and Semantics behind Genome and Life System (1st and 2nd conferences); its succeeding program, the Global COE Program Deciphering Biosphere from Genome Big Bang (after the 3rd conference); and the University of Tokyo, Japan have been the principal supporters thus far. The two COE programs  aim to create a globally renowned research and education base at the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences. Thanks to the support of the sponsors, each AYRCOB conference offers approximately 20 full-travel fellowships for the selected participants who has submitted outstanding manuscripts, as one of its greatest rewards. Because the GCOE program is a temporally limited program, it is yet undecided whether a continuous support will be provided. Thus, the organizers of AYRCOB are more than obliged to welcome new potential sponsors that wish to support the conference and groom young, innovative researchers from Asia as potential leading scientists in the rapidly advancing fields of Computational, Omics and Systems Biology.