Local Transportation

Trains are the  best mode of transportation in Tokyo .  The nearest train stations to the conference venue are:

・Tokyo Teleport station on the Rinkai Line. ( 15-minute walk from station to venue)

・ Telecom Center station on the  Yurikamome Line. (3-minute walk from station to venue)

The train network in Tokyo can be confusing!  The following websites are useful to plan your route:




-  If you are arriving directly to the venue from  Narita Airport:

+ Take the KEISEI SKYLINER to “Ueno (Keisei-Ueno)” station (¥2,400, about 40 min.)
+ Take the GINZA Subway Line to “Shimbashi” station (¥160, 13 min.)
+ Take the YURIKAMOME Line for service to “Telecom Center” station (¥370, 18 min.)
+ 3 minutes walk from “Telecom Center” station


- If you are arriving directly to the venue from Haneda Airport:

+ Take the TOKYO MONORAIL to “Tennozu Isle” station (¥400 (from Terminal 1) or ¥470 (from Terminal 2), about 15 min.)
+ Take the RINKAI Line to “Tokyo Teleport” station (¥200, 3 min.)
+ 15-minute walk from “Tokyo Teleport” station

・the Hiragana and Kanji names of some  stations you will come across on your way from the airport(s)

- Ueno, うえの, 上野
- Keisei-Ueno, けいせいうえの,京成上野
- Shimbashi, しんばし,新橋
- Telecom Center, てれこむせんたー, テレコムセンター
- Tennozu Isle, てんのうずいある, 天王洲アイル
- Tokyo Teleport, とうきょうてれぽーと, 東京テレポート